One in a Million

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to start my own business. I always thought it would be my own boutique but I realized in college that what I really loved was making people feel good in the clothes they wear and not just selling clothes. Whether it was the first day of classes, a night out, a special occasion or simply the daily grind people came to me for advice and direction on what to wear and how to pair. I think that every person should know how to take the things in their closet and not only make them great but know how to add to them for style evolution. With my help, you will recognize all the possibilities in your closet.


I am starting this blog to showcase the thing that I love most, style. I want to assist others in finding their own personal style. No one walks out of their door in couture. You have to start basic and find your own way. Some people need a nudge in the right direction and an unbiased opinion to take them to new heights. Let the adventure begin.

Where do you want style to take you?

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