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I was recently sent the best blogging gift EVER! Thanks to my sister Kelli, I will now be photographing my own blog entries with my Shoot remote control. This remote syncs with your camera and allows you to set up your camera, hit the button and take the shot. It has changed my life and now I don’t always have to call upon my friends to take my photo.

This outfit is all about textured accents. These crisscross reptile sandals are from Shi by Journey’s. They are throughly adorned in studs, brads and jewels which complement each other perfectly. My Foreign Exchange tank has a raised embroidered design for some visual interest and I chose all types of bangles including: fur, jeweled, raised and flat. They all have a common thread of metallic and black so that they can harmonize excellently together in the same outfit.

What textures do you like to mix?

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