Work Day Wednesday

day print








Two ways to wear: from day to play.

Taking something as simple as a tee shirt from work to late night can be a mystery for some; here are a few tips in choosing the right work essentials! All you need is a quick change of a few accessories and your daytime look becomes ready for an evening out. (Stay tuned for Friday’s post to see the finished product!)

For this look I chose to add in my favorite magenta and touches of gray. My flats and sweater are perfect pops of color and are sensible for work. I find myself layering at work so if I get cold I can add and if I’m hot I can remove a layer. The necklace and bag bring in a modern neutral that compliments the shirt and skirt. I love this large tote bag, it is the perfect size to bring all of the essentials to work. It can fit a laptop, files or even a few accessories for your extra curricular activities!

What are your go-to work essentials?

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