There is one day throughout the year that still holds all of the magic that the world has to offer. That day is Christmas. It’s not just about the presents and things, it’s about traditions. What I love most about Christmas is that everything begins and ends with family. Our family of four has grown to five and will soon become six of us celebrating this magical day.

In our family, the traditions begin right away on Christmas Eve. We have dinner and spend time with extended family at my Aunt’s house. Later in the evening we go back to my parents house and we all sleep under the tree. Yes, all five of us have an air mattress and we spend the night under the glow of our Christmas tree. Even the four dogs find their spots on the futon or the end of the bed.

My excitement on Christmas morning cannot be contained. I still wake up by six thirty anxious for the day and already preparing for a nap later! After cinnamon rolls and presents, youngest to oldest, we find ourselves heading across the street. My dad plays Santa for the neighbor kids while the rest of us enjoy champagne and whiskey. Following Santa we have breakfast and relax all day, usually with movies! This year we had dinner guests, amazing ribs, strong drinks and a good time!

This magic only comes once a year and can only be called Christmas.

What is your favorite holiday tradition?

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