Patriotic Props





IMG_0945Every year for the Fourth of July I am in charge of the table décor. Over the years I have tried many different themes and ideas, some relating to the patriotic holiday and some that are more summer focused. With Fourth of July weekend right around the corner, I am sharing one of my table settings from a few years ago. This particular table was red and white themed with touches of gingham and burlap. I like to look for ideas on Pinterest and maybe change the color schemes or focal points. I like to include sand, rocks, candles and flowers in some way for all of my tables. Our family usually eats outside so these elements look great on the beach or on the patio!

We prepare mostly traditional foods like grilled pizza or ribs followed by fruit pizza and fireworks. There is usually a favorite drink of the year, last year was big gingers and this year will probably be Moscow mules. We spend the day boating, swimming, sunning and playing games. The night ends with a bonfire and watching the fireworks. I love this cabin and family focused holiday, it’s a great way to celebrate the summer season. Have a safe and fun filled holiday, and may your table be beautiful!


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