Simple Statement










IMG_0522Photographed by Andrea Dyrhaug

(Necklace: World Market, T-Shirt: Gap, Jeans: J.Crew, Shoes: BC Footwear (Similar), Rings: Forever 21, Bag: Forever 21 (Similar), Nail Polish: Fishnets & Fringe)

Many people always ask me how to wear big statement necklaces and wonder if they can pull them off, I think anyone can pull off any piece of jewelry. Start simple, let the piece speak for itself and pair it with an understated outfit. A solid t-shirt with jeans and either heels or flats, depending on the occasion, can make the necklace pop and is a great way to start wearing some bigger pieces of jewelry. Once you are more comfortable wearing the larger and intricate pieces then start wearing them with patterns and fun colors.

I chose a soft grey t-shirt, dark jeans and wedges for a dinner look. I prefer the Gap modern crew tee, they come in every color, sleeve length and are very comfortable. When dressing up your outfit pair heels and an evening clutch together to take the look into the evening hours. During the colder months, you can layer a basic blazer or jacket. Since my coin necklace is so large I chose to layer with rings and small stud earrings, this way nothing takes away from the necklace. Jewelry can make an outfit, you just have to be brave enough to put it on!

Cream of the Crop







The Crop Top: I know this is an almost impossible trend, not only to ignore, but to pull off. However, I think it can be done tastefully without your stomach hanging out and in moderation. Pair with high waisted jeans, short or maxi to create a long line and a more modest look. The lace hem on this crop top extends the top as well so it’s not so exposing. When paired with a maxi it can be a great casual look for parties or weddings as well as a day at the beach. You can also layer a crop top over a dress, maxi or regular, so that nothing shows and it then looks like seperates.

The Half Top Knot: This look can be risky for some people but always looks chic. I find that it is a great way to put up short hairstyles and still make it look like you have a style. I prefer to leave my bangs out but they could definitely be twisted back on a hot day or a day at the beach. I usually put my hair into a pony first, then tease the pony and wrap to create a bun (I like to use a tiny clip instead of a hair tie to secure it), teasing will make it look like you have a larger bun than you really do!

Retro Romper










This summer’s go to weekend outfit is a romper. I love that they are an easy and complete look in a matter of minutes. They are light weight, no fuss and come in great colors and patterns. Layer a vest for a less casual outfit or for cooler days pair with a chambray shirt for a grungier look or a cardigan for the preppie look.

Since this item is a little bit trendier I got mine from Forever 21. They are under $15 and come in solids as well as prints. I like the strapless ones because they are easy to slip on and you don’t have to worry about tan lines when out in the sun or on the boat.

They are a great summer add-on to your closet and may be going on end of season clearance. Stock up while you can!

Signature Splash

scarf print








Fall is upon us and my scarves are out! Take a basic outfit to the next level with a sassy scarf accent.

Grab your favorite colorful scarf and choose a shade or two within . Then add accents based on the color, or colors, that you chose (don’t be afraid to choose more than one!) . If you’re feeling daring, mix in a print like leopard! Beware of mixing too many colors when it comes to the major elements of the outfit, you don’t want to get too choppy. Pick unique neutrals to make your splash piece pop!

I love this eggplant tunic from Forever 21, it’s not only a great color but it also has great flow and an accordion pleated back.

What’s you favorite way to spice up your outfit?


vest print










Vests make everything better, and army green is my new neutral. A plain outfit can be taken to a whole new level of style just by adding a vest. In the winter it usually has fur, but even in the summer army green and denim dominate the vest world. A vest is a great way to add an edge to your look. They come in many styles, colors and structures, still looking good with a tee. Denim vests pair great with all of the great colored pants of summer; you just have to be careful about putting it with the same colored denim. Army green always looks great with denim and black pants of any kind and mixes great with multi-colored tops!

Happy Labor Day!

Double Take

Layered Jewels Print








This outfit may look like a shirt and a skirt but don’t be fooled. This is actually a maxi dress that I layered with a denim button-up and then tied for a finished edge. The dress can now double as a skirt and no one will know! This is a great way to take a maxi dress or skirt into fall.

As you know, my stance on jewelry is the more the merrier. I doubled up these two J.Crew statement necklaces to create something even more magnificent. Doubling up takes your jewelry collection further and creates unique pieces. When picking two items to layer, start with a common thread. These both have the same crystal gems in them. The black in the one necklace then adds a little more drama to the outfit. J.Crew jewelry in particular has great stackablility. If you look on the website or in the store, they have many pieces layers and doubled. I think the ability to not only put two different pieces together but also to pull it off with an outfit really shows others you have an eye for style.

Would you double up?

Colored Chevron

chevron print







Oh how I love when sale items go on sale! During this time of the year, the sale section can be so cluttered within a store. This is why I love end of summer sales with too much merchandise to have a sale section the sale quickly spreads throughout the store. This way you can see all of the items and you don’t have to dig. On top of that, stores give further reductions on these sale items. Now is the time to find summer items on sale and also some fall colored items as well.

I love that these pants are bold but are not a multi-colored print and, of course, the fact that they were on sale! With only two colors, they can be toned down and taken well into fall. The dark rose pink is great with many skin complexions and is a very versatile color. Dark rose, along with other blush pinks and camels, complete the Ann Taylor Loft early fall palette.

What’s your favorite fall color?

Art Deco









Everyone has a signature style piece that is frequently sported in their wardrobe. Mine is a statement necklace; and lately, I cannot get enough of J.Crew Jewelry. Every piece is sparkly, funky and attention grabbing (in the best of ways, of course!). To make it even better, I ended up scoring this piece for nearly eighty-five percent off of the original price! I enjoy being brave when it comes to jewelry. I am often told by others, “I could never wear that.” I disagree – If you don’t try you will never know. I challenge you to buy something that you like but isn’t quite “you” and rock it! I wasn’t born with a statement necklace on, I made them mine. It is surprising how much confidence can come from a single piece of jewelry!

One of my favorite things is when a friend tells me that she, “channeled her inner Jenna today.” I am never more proud than when someone branches out on my behalf. Try something new today and own it!

What is your signature style piece?