The Vest Ever


Outfit Details: J. Crew Vest,  Old Navy Sweater, Paige Jeans, Report Booties (Similar), J.Crew Necklace (Similar), Madewell Earrings, H&M Scarf (Similar), Nordstrom Hat




These are my favorite earrings, I wear them almost everyday. They are dainty but still have a little sparkle and I love that they are mini ear climbers!




 This is the best vest ever! I got this vest last winter from J.Crew and I love everything about it. It’s comfortable, stylish and not too bulky. When looking for a puffer vest consider if you will be wearing it for work or play. If you are wanting an athletic outdoorsy vest, stick with Patagonia or Eddie Bauer. These are great for out in the elements and give you a sporty look. If you want your vest to be a fashion piece, only go to J.Crew.  This vest will not disappoint and you will be loving it too!

I also have it in chartreuse and this season I love the irish moss!

Simple Statement











(Coat: Macy’s, Sweater: Old Navy, Hat: Nordstrom (Similar), Jeans: Paige, Boots: Sorel & Sperry, Lips: Urban Decay– Liar and MAC-Russian Red)

You may think that the outdoors is no place to make a statement, I completely disagree. Whether you are going for simple or statement, show your personality while hitting the slopes this winter.

This post features the same look with different lip colors, it showcases simple vs statement. When picking out an everyday lip color I like something with a little gloss that just enhances your normal lip color. This Urban Decay- Liar is my go-to color for everyday wear, it’s a great blush pink and wears well throughout the day. For any bold lip look I choose MAC Cosmetics, the colors are saturated and stay on very well but don’t dry out your lips. Another up and coming brand to try is Honest Beauty, I have a few of their lip crayons (honey kiss and mulberry kiss), they are amazing and go on like butter!

Finding the right shade for your lips is very important, don’t be afraid to sample and try on different colors when you are at the store. Start with the lighter shades and work your way darker so you can take off the last sample more easily. If you are unsure about what color to go with take a picture of yourself in the colors and either text a friend or ask a stranger at the store, personally strangers will give you the unbiased opinion you are looking for.

No matter what go with your gut and whatever you feel most comfortable in. You will be more confident with something you are loving and therefore more likely to put it on! I would say the most important lip colors to always have on hand are; blush pink, nude, magenta and red. These classic colors will get you through most days with no trouble!

the Bold & the Beautiful











Photo Credits: Andrea Dyrhaug

(Shorts: Loft (Similar), Shirt: Loft (Similar), Wedges: BC Footwear (Similar), Sunglasses: Cole Haan (Similar), Watch: Marc Jacobs, Bracelets: J.Crew (Similar), Rings: Madewell)

Now is the time to get your bold summer prints, everything summer is on sale. I always buy shorts for next year at the end of the season. Not only do you not have to  pay full price, but they seem new next season when you pull out your summer wardrobe. I got these floral printed shorts two years ago at the Loft, they add a pop of color to any outfit. Loft is the place to go for printed shorts, they are bold, proportionate and on trend. Pairing the shorts with a black top dresses the outfit up and makes the floral print stand out. A white top will be more summery and airy with your printed shorts. If you are feeling especially bold, pair your shorts with another simple pattern with similar colors.

If you are more of a denim shorts girl try Gap, J.Crew or Madewell for end of summer denim sales!

Simple Statement










IMG_0522Photographed by Andrea Dyrhaug

(Necklace: World Market, T-Shirt: Gap, Jeans: J.Crew, Shoes: BC Footwear (Similar), Rings: Forever 21, Bag: Forever 21 (Similar), Nail Polish: Fishnets & Fringe)

Many people always ask me how to wear big statement necklaces and wonder if they can pull them off, I think anyone can pull off any piece of jewelry. Start simple, let the piece speak for itself and pair it with an understated outfit. A solid t-shirt with jeans and either heels or flats, depending on the occasion, can make the necklace pop and is a great way to start wearing some bigger pieces of jewelry. Once you are more comfortable wearing the larger and intricate pieces then start wearing them with patterns and fun colors.

I chose a soft grey t-shirt, dark jeans and wedges for a dinner look. I prefer the Gap modern crew tee, they come in every color, sleeve length and are very comfortable. When dressing up your outfit pair heels and an evening clutch together to take the look into the evening hours. During the colder months, you can layer a basic blazer or jacket. Since my coin necklace is so large I chose to layer with rings and small stud earrings, this way nothing takes away from the necklace. Jewelry can make an outfit, you just have to be brave enough to put it on!

Chambray for Independence Day








(Dress: Old Navy, Shoes: Nordstrom (Similar), Hat: H&M (Similar), Sunglasses: Cole Haan (Similar), Watch: Marc Jacobs)

The weekend is upon most of us a little early this week, thanks to a certain holiday! Whether you are headed to the beach, the city or staying put don’t forget to pack all of your Americana apparel. My favorite look of the long weekend, chambray. Not only is denim blue, perfect for the theme of the weekend, it’s also a great neutral to pair all summer long. This easy and affordable shift dress has embroidered details and small cutouts in the back for a classic look with a twist. I paired the dress with black wedges, black large framed sunnies and a straw sun hat. Find some chambray to pull your Fourth of July look together!

Happy Fourth of July, have a safe holiday weekend!


Bright White






(T-Shirt: Gap, Vest: Nordstrom (Similar), Jeans: J.Crew, Shoes: DV by Dolce Vita (Similar), Necklace: J.Crew (Similar), Bag: Fossil)

Now that my skin is sun-kissed this season it’s time to bring out the white. Personally I feel much better when wearing white with a tan, so it’s the perfect start to summer! Whether you are wearing white bottoms, tops or both layering white on white looks great when the whites you are layering match. When one white is brighter or duller than the other it looks unfinished and less polished. This particular layering look can dress up a t-shirt and can also hide unloved areas of our body; arms and stomach. I like to add a fun pop of color in a necklace or shoes to offset the white and make it more summery. Neon accents also look fabulous with that summer tan!

Swim Style




As a female, one of the most dreaded pieces of clothing to wear is a swimming suit. When a vacation or summer rolls around you are almost never feel ready to flaunt your swimsuit body. Many people feel the pressure to get a small bikini to show off what they got. Newsflash, bikinis don’t look flattering on most people and the last thing you want is to feel self-conscious while baring all! With the kickoff of summer this upcoming weekend, find yourself a suit that suits you!

Spend money on a great suit. Once you have seen the benefits of spending a little more on a swimming suit it will change your life forever. The fabrics, structures and support really change with the price tag. Also, don’t be afraid to tailor your suit. Find a suit that fits you at your biggest part and have it taken in, it’s not just for short people!



I found this periwinkle Badgley Mischka one-piece at Swim and Sport. Due to the low cut nature of the bathing suit I had to have this altered to ensure no mishaps on the beach. I got it taken in in the shoulders and near my ribs for the best fit. Alterations took about a week and costed $54, swim material is harder to work with so it can be more expensive.



This one-shoulder Miraclesuit, fabulously named Jena, was from Nordstrom. This is my show stopper swimming suit and I get complimented every time I walk out of the house in it. The one-should makes me feel so chic on the beach. When tanning I pull the strap down and wear the suit as a strapless so I don’t get a weird line. Also when paired with a simple black strapless dress it looks very elegant, you can’t even tell the one-shoulder is from your suit.



Everyone needs a “tanning suit” it’s that suit that you wouldn’t actually wear into the water but looks beautiful on the beach. This one is from a swim boutique in Edina called Nani Nalu, they pick out suits for you based on fit. Due to the fact that the majority of the suit is white, wearing it in the water, especially river or lake water, would gradually turn it yellowish. It is for this reason that I only wear this suit to catch some rays and sip a cocktail.




If you are feeling self-conscious with your current beach figure try finding suits with ruching. Ruching can hide many unwanted areas. Another tip for hiding certain areas is choose the right cover up. Dresses are always a great way to style your suit and stay cool during the summer. They can give you shape while hiding your arms or legs and add a splash of color. Don’t forget to think about your straps! It can look awkward if you have random straps or lines hanging out of your dress. So find a coverup that looks good with your suit as well as alone!

Lately I have also loved pairing my suit with a romper. They are easy to slip on and very comfortable. The most important part of a romper is the torso length, if it fits you in the torso it will look much better on you. For chilly days or nights you can also put a light or sheer cardigan over your romper. If you are wearing a shorts romper I recommend wearing a longer open front cardigan that hits at a similar place as where your shorts end.

For a more bohemian feel pair your suit with a kimono and flower headband.





Don’t forget to accessorize your swimwear! Hats, headbands, sunnies, sandals and even a little jewelry can add a lot to your beach attire. Don’t go too over the top but add subtle accents to enhance your look. If you plan on adding jewelry to your beach look go with one type so it doesn’t overpower your bathing suit. For example, pick between a ring, earrings or a necklace don’t do it all!

Basic Black

Basic print









Anyone can throw on a black tee and a black cardigan. Mix with printed printed flats (I choose camo) and a statement necklace to create an easy and stylish outfit.

I always said that I would never be one to sport camo. Coming from a family of hunters it’s not exactly seen as a chic print. I came across these Target flats and figured I should give it a try. I went with pointed toes instead of rounded so that they were a little bit more feminine. They also have a line of studs up the back for some edge. I’m coming around to the idea of camo in small doses, but don’t expect a full on camo post anytime soon!

What prints are you daring to try?

Double Take

Layered Jewels Print








This outfit may look like a shirt and a skirt but don’t be fooled. This is actually a maxi dress that I layered with a denim button-up and then tied for a finished edge. The dress can now double as a skirt and no one will know! This is a great way to take a maxi dress or skirt into fall.

As you know, my stance on jewelry is the more the merrier. I doubled up these two J.Crew statement necklaces to create something even more magnificent. Doubling up takes your jewelry collection further and creates unique pieces. When picking two items to layer, start with a common thread. These both have the same crystal gems in them. The black in the one necklace then adds a little more drama to the outfit. J.Crew jewelry in particular has great stackablility. If you look on the website or in the store, they have many pieces layers and doubled. I think the ability to not only put two different pieces together but also to pull it off with an outfit really shows others you have an eye for style.

Would you double up?

Slate and Stripes






Slate gray is a dream summer neutral. It is light, clean and can be mixed with lots of colors. Slate looks great with everything from magenta to emerald and especially with blues and ambers. Leopard sandals, my go to print, also add an unexpected contrast of neutrals with the gray. This Madewell blouse has a gray stripe that stands out thanks to the slate pants. The blouse can also be paired with dark indigo jeans and chestnut accents or booties during the colder months.

What would you wear with gray?