Basic Black

Basic print









Anyone can throw on a black tee and a black cardigan. Mix with printed printed flats (I choose camo) and a statement necklace to create an easy and stylish outfit.

I always said that I would never be one to sport camo. Coming from a family of hunters it’s not exactly seen as a chic print. I came across these Target flats and figured I should give it a try. I went with pointed toes instead of rounded so that they were a little bit more feminine. They also have a line of studs up the back for some edge. I’m coming around to the idea of camo in small doses, but don’t expect a full on camo post anytime soon!

What prints are you daring to try?

Tropical Tank







Trying to make beachy more beautiful? Just add jewelry! The summer heat brings lighter washes and casual clothing. When it’s too hot to add visual interest through layers try adding some sparkle. I got these beauties from J.Crew. They add a little extra color, shine and interest with the tortoise. A Hawaiian tank like this one can start on the beach and, by adding some sparkle and white jeans, you can easily wear this outfit out to dinner and beyond. A denim vest can be added for a chilly summer night.

How do you spice up your casual looks?

Moccasins and Magenta







One trend that I have a hard time accepting is tied up blouses. I have tried it a million times and I always feel like it looks unflattering. Last week while trying to figure out what to mix with these wild Steve Madden moccasins I found the recipe for success. When tying up your button down you have two options for making it work. First, buy a pre-tied shirt or blouse. These types of blouses are meant to be tied at all times and have given you extra fabric so that the look is polished. Second, use a shirt that is on the bigger side. I bought this J.Crew shirt around Christmas time and they only had  a size larger than what I normally wear (not the best choice at the time but I couldn’t pass it up!). The larger shirt then gives you enough room to tie it in the front. I would pair with a flat front pant as pictured above to create a more slimming look. When there is a zipper and pockets it will draw attention to that area even more and it will be right where the shirt ends as well.

To tie or not to tie?

Peplum and Persimmon








Pulling colors out from a focal accessory can make matching a breeze. I paired this green J.Crew scarf with orange and green accents against a blank white canvas with light wash jeans. The scarf’s main color is a mix of greens and has a rusty color blended into the print. Rust is a variation of orange so I made that the WOW color in the outfit with a J.Crew boyfriend sweater and a Patina clutch. I then made green the secondary accent color through jewelry. The accent colors soon become a palette for the entire outfit and create unity without being matchy-match.

For footwear I mixed in a leopard print sandal for some visual interest. Mixing patterns can make a boring look magical and can make you seem like a style icon. For beginners, start with mixing like colored prints then as you get more comfortable add in other colors. As you try out more prints together eventually go totally opposite like with this floral and leopard.

What’s your favorite focal accessory?

Lace Loving











Foreign Exchange  has brought Cali to the Midwest. This new store at Mall of America has everything from going out cutouts to casual cropped tanks. I found this lace overlay tank there last week and I love the intricate design and sheer fabrication. It’s great for an outdoor concert or an evening out on the town. I feed into its rocker feel with silver wing, feather and peace sign accents.

For a really edgy look you can pair with black leather shorts, spiked heels and a black blazer. Dress it down with white shorts, a black cardigan and ballet flats.

What’s your current favorite store?