Signature Splash

scarf print








Fall is upon us and my scarves are out! Take a basic outfit to the next level with a sassy scarf accent.

Grab your favorite colorful scarf and choose a shade or two within . Then add accents based on the color, or colors, that you chose (don’t be afraid to choose more than one!) . If you’re feeling daring, mix in a print like leopard! Beware of mixing too many colors when it comes to the major elements of the outfit, you don’t want to get too choppy. Pick unique neutrals to make your splash piece pop!

I love this eggplant tunic from Forever 21, it’s not only a great color but it also has great flow and an accordion pleated back.

What’s you favorite way to spice up your outfit?

Jewel Tones

magenta print








Basic tees can take you a long way in your wardrobe. It’s important to have different types of basics for different seasons and occasions. This long sleeve Madewell tee comes in great fall colors and can be worn casual or dressy. I wore this outfit to a patio happy hour and dressed it up with leopard flats (difficult to see with the long grass!) and J.Crew jewels. I have been a huge fan of all J.Crew Group basics for a long time (J.Crew and Madewell). They always have great cuts, colors and fabrications. J.Crew has great linen and thicker cotton tees while Madewell has amazing jersey knits. Madewell’s tee shirts also tend to have longer sleeves and hems so you can hide unwanted areas; the sleeves go about halfway between your shoulder and your elbow.

Where do you buy the basics?

I Love Leopard

green print IMG_7063 IMG_7064 IMG_7125 IMG_7118 IMG_7089 IMG_7095 IMG_7100 IMG_7102 IMG_7081

Today’s shoot was done at the cabin and it happened to get taken over by the dogs! Dakota and Luci were let out of the house in the middle of my photo session and demanded some face time. Dakota is my baby. She is a nine and a half year old yorkie and is the queen of the castle. Luci is our new puppy, and at one and a half years old, she is all play and loves to give Dakota a hard time. I love having two dogs that are so different, I get the best of both worlds!

I’ve had leopard sideless flats in my mind for while now and have been searching for the right pair that wouldn’t break the bank. Although I thought I wanted them to be full leopard, I happened to find this Steve Madden pair while the store was having a Labor Day sale! The sideless flat is a twist of the unexpected and is great for work or play. They are a fall must have!

What are your favorite fall flats?

Tropical Tank







Trying to make beachy more beautiful? Just add jewelry! The summer heat brings lighter washes and casual clothing. When it’s too hot to add visual interest through layers try adding some sparkle. I got these beauties from J.Crew. They add a little extra color, shine and interest with the tortoise. A Hawaiian tank like this one can start on the beach and, by adding some sparkle and white jeans, you can easily wear this outfit out to dinner and beyond. A denim vest can be added for a chilly summer night.

How do you spice up your casual looks?

Moccasins and Magenta







One trend that I have a hard time accepting is tied up blouses. I have tried it a million times and I always feel like it looks unflattering. Last week while trying to figure out what to mix with these wild Steve Madden moccasins I found the recipe for success. When tying up your button down you have two options for making it work. First, buy a pre-tied shirt or blouse. These types of blouses are meant to be tied at all times and have given you extra fabric so that the look is polished. Second, use a shirt that is on the bigger side. I bought this J.Crew shirt around Christmas time and they only had  a size larger than what I normally wear (not the best choice at the time but I couldn’t pass it up!). The larger shirt then gives you enough room to tie it in the front. I would pair with a flat front pant as pictured above to create a more slimming look. When there is a zipper and pockets it will draw attention to that area even more and it will be right where the shirt ends as well.

To tie or not to tie?

Eyelet Enchantment











When people hear the word monochromatic, they think boring. That doesn’t have to be the case! This outfit mixes blush, magenta and fuchsia to make monochromatic magic. Monochromatic color palettes don’t always have to be the same shade of one color, popping a brighter version or two of the color generates a fresh look that will catch the eye. Accessories can also be used to add in multiple shades of one color. Mix with neutrals such as white and nude in the summer so the outfit looks vibrant and clean cut.

Monochromatic never looked so good.

What’s your favorite monochromatic palette?