Double Take

Layered Jewels Print








This outfit may look like a shirt and a skirt but don’t be fooled. This is actually a maxi dress that I layered with a denim button-up and then tied for a finished edge. The dress can now double as a skirt and no one will know! This is a great way to take a maxi dress or skirt into fall.

As you know, my stance on jewelry is the more the merrier. I doubled up these two J.Crew statement necklaces to create something even more magnificent. Doubling up takes your jewelry collection further and creates unique pieces. When picking two items to layer, start with a common thread. These both have the same crystal gems in them. The black in the one necklace then adds a little more drama to the outfit. J.Crew jewelry in particular has great stackablility. If you look on the website or in the store, they have many pieces layers and doubled. I think the ability to not only put two different pieces together but also to pull it off with an outfit really shows others you have an eye for style.

Would you double up?

Moccasins and Magenta







One trend that I have a hard time accepting is tied up blouses. I have tried it a million times and I always feel like it looks unflattering. Last week while trying to figure out what to mix with these wild Steve Madden moccasins I found the recipe for success. When tying up your button down you have two options for making it work. First, buy a pre-tied shirt or blouse. These types of blouses are meant to be tied at all times and have given you extra fabric so that the look is polished. Second, use a shirt that is on the bigger side. I bought this J.Crew shirt around Christmas time and they only had  a size larger than what I normally wear (not the best choice at the time but I couldn’t pass it up!). The larger shirt then gives you enough room to tie it in the front. I would pair with a flat front pant as pictured above to create a more slimming look. When there is a zipper and pockets it will draw attention to that area even more and it will be right where the shirt ends as well.

To tie or not to tie?