Summer’s Shade















Photographed by Andrea Dryhaug

(Hat: Madewell, Shirt: Nordstrom BP (Similar), Shorts: J.Crew Factory, Shoes: Target (Similar), Belt: The Limited (Similar), Bag: Longchamp, Watch: Michael Kors, Bangles: J.Crew (Similar), Earrings: Madewell, Rings: Madewell)

If there is one accessory that really throws me off my game it’s a hat. I love them on other people and I buy them thinking I will wear them, but I can never really seem to put them with an outfit when the time comes. This hat is inspired by my favorite blogger, she wore it and I thought I needed to give this hat thing a try. I think from my beach hats I find hats to be, in general, more casual but that is not the case. They can be dressed up or down and even worn with a cute skirt. If you are starting with a darker hat, like this one, add accents of that color back into your outfit. This will help you feel like you are not top heavy with the darker color.

I think if you choose to wear a hat (and you should!) make sure you own it. You can drown under a hat if aren’tĀ feeling totally comfortable. Start small, wear you hat for a short amount of time or to an event you know has a time limit. Don’t just wear hats when you have dirty hair, you will start associating hats with that and you won’t feel put together when you do wear them.

I hope this fall brings us many more hat outfits!

I Love Leopard

green print IMG_7063 IMG_7064 IMG_7125 IMG_7118 IMG_7089 IMG_7095 IMG_7100 IMG_7102 IMG_7081

Today’s shoot was done at the cabin and it happened to get taken over by the dogs! Dakota and Luci were let out of the house in the middle of my photo session and demanded some face time. Dakota is my baby. She is a nine and a half year old yorkie and is the queen of the castle. Luci is our new puppy, and at one and a half years old, she is all play and loves to give Dakota a hard time. I love having two dogs that are so different, I get the best of both worlds!

I’ve had leopard sideless flats in my mind for while now and have been searching for the right pair that wouldn’t break the bank. Although I thought I wanted them to be full leopard, I happened to find thisĀ Steve Madden pair while the store was having a Labor Day sale! The sideless flat is a twist of the unexpected and is great for work or play. They are a fall must have!

What are your favorite fall flats?

Slate and Stripes






Slate gray is a dream summer neutral. It is light, clean and can be mixed with lots of colors. Slate looks great with everything from magenta to emerald and especially with blues and ambers. Leopard sandals, my go to print, also add an unexpected contrast of neutrals with the gray. This Madewell blouse has a gray stripe that stands out thanks to the slate pants. The blouse can also be paired with dark indigo jeans and chestnut accents or booties during the colder months.

What would you wear with gray?


green words









I was recently sent the best blogging gift EVER! Thanks to my sister Kelli, I will now be photographing my own blog entries with my Shoot remote control. This remote syncs with your camera and allows you to set up your camera, hit the button and take the shot. It has changed my life and now I don’t always have to call upon my friends to take my photo.

This outfit is all about textured accents. These crisscross reptile sandals are from Shi by Journey’s. They are throughly adorned in studs, brads and jewels which complement each other perfectly. My Foreign Exchange tank has a raised embroidered design for some visual interest and I chose all types of bangles including: fur, jeweled, raised and flat. They all have a common thread of metallic and black so that they can harmonize excellently together in the same outfit.

What textures do you like to mix?