Oh Baby!







babyshower bs3

I apologize for the delay! I know it’s just about a month late but a baby shower, moving into a new place and planning my upcoming birthday bash left me no time! Here is the breakdown of all things baby.

Prep: A couple of weekends before the big day I invited my helpers to join me at the venue and planned it all in less than two days. Friday night started with wine and lists. Followed by Saturday shopping and decoration construction. Thank you to Barb, Cindy and Linda for all of your help and letting me direct you all weekend! This beautiful party was made possible by all of their hard work.

People: Party-goers traveled from near and far to celebrate Kelli and Baby E. Kelli and I were joking beforehand that it was the wedding part two with all of our loved ones attending. Kelli and her friend from Atlanta joined us on Friday night and spent the weekend enjoying all that Minnesota has to offer these days; snow and cold. We gathered friends and family from all stages of life. It’s always so fun to see everyone in one place.

Decorations: When making my decor choices I always like to try new things and mix unique components together. One of the main projects was a fabric garland that hung on the fireplace mantle. the garland was made of multiple fabric strips in like colors (yellow and grey) knotted together for bulk. We also used these fabric pieces to accent the family deer that reside in our basement! The other main focal point was branches adorned with paper dots. These turned out amazing, they were whimsical, cheery and the perfect touch for drawing everyone’s eye up. Onesies, chevron, elephants and E’s were also apart of our decor and completed the look!

Food and Games: We featured my new favorite food, lettuces wraps. We have the best recipe that includes hoisin and soy sauce, rotisserie chicken, carrots, onions, peanuts and basil. Cafe Latte cake is always the perfect dessert and it certainly did not disappoint! Of course, it wouldn’t have been a shower without games. We guessed baby foods and the due date, played The Price is Right and Scattergories and had a wonderful time. Winners took home bottles of Barefoot Wine!

Thank you to all who help and all who attended! We had a fabulous time and couldn’t ask for better friends. I can’t wait to welcome Baby E into the world and embrace my new title, Auntie Jenna.

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